1. indefensible:

    Over at twitter today I watched a relatively normal exchange (between two men I rather like), wherein one mentioned he’d just had a manicure and the other made fun of him for it.

    I just checked in on our heroes and saw that the second man had just suggested the first man might be homophobic.

    I think I’ve said it before, but the model of masculinity I subscribe to is to not be concerned when people accuse you of being feminine. I don’t think it’s in any way offensive to be compared to a woman. Truth be told, I rather like women.

    Secondly, when men accuse other men of femininity, I don’t think it’s homophobia. I think it’s misogyny. It comes from a place that says “I can hurt you if I compare you to a woman”.

    Like I said, I was watching an exchange between two smart guys. I like them both. I just think life is complex.

    I love Ross. Even when I try not to.

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      Pretty sure this spills over into transmisogyny land.
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      I love Ross. Even when I try not to.
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    9. pikkutiikeri said: The peole you hear spew misogynist shit are often the same people who like to say homophobic shit. Funny thing.

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