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    Alina had expressed some frustration that she couldn’t give Leah all the great, artistic gifts that she wanted to give her for Christmas, so I asked her to pull together an Amazon wishlist of things she’d buy if had a bit more cash on hand. You’ve seen Leah’s beautiful smile all over Alina’s blog— if you have the means, I’d love for you to help make Alina and Leah’s Christmas as smile-y and bright as possible. :) Besides, Alina wants fun, creative things for Leah like markers and an easel… who can say no to that?? :) 

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      These are two very deserving ladies. And how can you resist Leah’s little smirk?
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      More Leah smiles!
    3. eoporto said: Ah! I was going to order a few things! This is perfect!
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      Everyone, please do this. Alina and Leah are amazing people.
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